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Book Of Resell

Discord service providing daily finds on a variety of items that resell.

$100 Monthly

- Discord Support

- 1 Activation Key



We provide the best for our members.



From concerts, to sports games, to festivals, to broadway shows, and even more; our staff is here to show the most profitable drops for the week. Our team members have been flipping tickets for years so expect nothing but A1 support and predictions.



Many different low-key art drops are consistently posted in the discord. Limited prints flipping for 5x+ to sculptures doing $400+ profit etc.


Trading Cards

Card investments and profitable card drops are posted daily to the discord. From Pokémon to a multitude of Sports, we have you covered. Our lightning fast monitors are tailored to catch all the lowkey drops collectors and other resellers miss.


Random Resell

Our channels has everything you could ever imagine. Makeup, video games, mugs, golf clubs, etc. There's no limit to what we flip. Simply check the discord channel and be amazed by the different things that flip.


Deals/Price Slashes

Exclusive legal money making methods, deals, and price slashes.



NFT's-essentially blockchain art- are dangerous flips but extremely profitable when done right. As of March 2021, most members are up 700-1000%+ ROI by getting into the correct NFT's before they blew up like NBA's Top Shot.












  What information do you provide in the discord?

You can see a glimpse of some of the features above. In simplest terms we give out every lead, monitor, link, guidance, you name it, to take your reselling to the next level.

  How do I become a Book of Resell Member?

The main way to enter is when our applications open up. Keep notifications on for our Twitter and Instagram to catch the next application wave. We recommend applying right once they drop as they fill up extremely fast.

  How do you choose your applicants?

We choose off a variety of different factors. We suggest staying patient and staying active on our social media to make yourself stand out. We strive for a community rather than feeling like some paid service.

  How active do I need to be?

The discord is what you make of it! Whether you’re starting from the ground floor or already a tenured reseller- our information and resources are here to grow you to your max potential.

  Why choose BoR?

We’re the pioneers of this type of discord, and we take pride in always adapting and growing to stay the industry leader. Our staff is composed of developers, ticket brokers, decade long collectors and experienced resellers who are sent through a rigorous training and application process. They work exclusively for BoR and are all at the palm of your hands as a member.